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Baby Wolfe | Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Pictures

It was such an honor to be chosen to photograph this sweet family’s Colorado Springs lifestyle newborn pictures and to be able to spend an afternoon with this sweet family and their brand new baby girl. She was so precious and so sleepy.IMG_9498+IMG_9500+This sweet family’s dog was included in their maternity pictures and although they didn’t ask to have him included in these photographs, he was not about to be left out. I just love his sad little expression, haha!IMG_9501+IMG_9505+IMG_9508+IMG_9510+This one might be my favorite!IMG_9519+IMG_9521+IMG_9529+IMG_9552+IMG_9554+IMG_9589+IMG_9591+IMG_9592+IMG_9601+IMG_9620+IMG_9622+IMG_9625+IMG_9628+IMG_9671+IMG_9674+IMG_9678+IMG_9680+IMG_9682+IMG_9683+IMG_9686+IMG_9688+IMG_9689+IMG_9697+IMG_9700+IMG_9702+IMG_9707+IMG_9710+IMG_9714+


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