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Chandler & Kalene | Buena Vista Colorado Engagement Pictures

Chandler and Kalene are friends of ours whose family works a beautiful ranch close to Buena Vista, Colorado. I was so lucky to get to photograph their engagement photos in this beautiful setting a couple of weeks ago.IMG_0693+IMG_0689+IMG_0669+IMG_0666+IMG_0661+IMG_0650+IMG_0649+IMG_0645+This 100 year old cabin on their land was built by a potato farmer. How cool is that?IMG_0640+IMG_0626+IMG_0622+IMG_0617+IMG_0610+IMG_0607+IMG_0598+IMG_0590+IMG_0564+IMG_0560+IMG_0555+IMG_0543+IMG_0493+IMG_0491+IMG_0490+IMG_0485+IMG_0484+IMG_0483+IMG_0457+IMG_0450+IMG_0437+IMG_0435+IMG_0431+IMG_0426+IMG_0425+IMG_0411+IMG_0406+IMG_0401+IMG_0389+IMG_0361+IMG_0270+IMG_0266+


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